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Thank You

We would like to thank all of the people who have supported us on this project. This list is for everyone who isn’t mentioned elsewhere in the newspaper/website and/or who have been particularly generous with their time and resources.

Andrew McNiven and Penny Allen – The Courtyard, Hereford; Kate Lack and Bromyard & District Local History Society volunteers (in particular Dianna Kelly); Roma Piotrowska; The Bennett Family; Justin Hughes and Susan Vale – Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service; Steve Wilson – Worcester City Council; Craig Ashley – mac birmingham; Ranjit Singh – Nisham Centre; Kate Pryor-Williams; Emily Daw; Dr David Storey; Professor Margaret Grieco; Ben Moule – Herefordshire Museum Service; Malcolm Scott; Tessa Burwood; Jamie Jackson – Salt Road; Ted Rudge – Brumroamin; Linda Jones, Mr & Mrs Poolman; Chris Ash, Robert Hazel, Mandy Gem-White and all of the staff at Sandwell Libraries; Pat at the Conquest Theatre, Bromyard; Glynis Rabin, Jane Mallard – Kidderminster Forest Quilters; William Crouch – Cradley, Mathon & Storridge Art Group; Wendy Rulton – Leominster in Stitches; Ian Miles – West Bromwich Model Railway Society; Bromyard Hop Festival; Rose – Tenbury Countryside Show; Clifton Upon Teme Show; Alexandra Taylor; John Andrews; Lesley and Mark Andrews; Alison Capper, British Hops Association; Rafael, Dagmara & Jacob; Dan Burwood; Nicky Arscott; R.W Horsley; Mary Lowe, Crystal Quilters; Elisabeth Charis; Daniel Lickiss; Kate Self; Joe Welden.

Copyright & Credits

Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and to obtain their permission for the use of copyright material. The newspaper contains images from the following individuals and organisations who are credited accordingly: Paul Ligas; Bromyard and District Local History Society, Herefordshire; Hereford Museum and Gallery, Herefordshire Museum Service; Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service; Worcester News; R.W. Horsley; R.H. Sargeant; Malcolm Scott.

Further Resources

If you would like to find out more about the history of hop growing in Herefordshire, Bromyard and District Local History Society’s book A Pocketful of Hops is an excellent resource. It is available to purchase from their website: